AIRMAIN Safety & Security Policy

AirMain and his staff are committed to maintain and improve the safety and quality level of its services. Its approach is based on the MOE specifications and its applications. To lead this security and quality policy, AirMain commits to:

• Recognise security as a permanent matter to all staff.
• Apply a positive safety culture, including a friendly working environment.
• Identify the chains of responsibility in terms of risk management within the group organization.
• Develop human and financial resources needed to implement a Safety Management System.
• Define security goals and ways to measure the organization performance in terms of security.
• Have an open-minded and honest organization who’s willing to move forward.
• Ensure that safety standards are not pushed aside by commercial imperatives.
• Ensure to use the resources and focus on well performing maintenance on the first try.
• Apply the rules related to “human factors”.
• Train all maintenance employees on “Safety and Fuel Tanks CDCCL” rules.
• “Human factors” training to be established.
• Encourage staff to refer any maintenance/incident errors.
• Establish a suitable workplace to attract and retain skilled and motivated employees.
• Provide to the staff all the tools, materials, instructions and time needed to execute maintenance  according to the procedures.
• Admit that the implementation of procedures, quality standards, safety and regulatory standards must be the responsibility of all employees.
• Admit the need of cooperation between all the employees and quality auditors within the company.